Does he like me more than a friend? Or is he playing with me? Or perhaps, does he like my dog?

I've known this guy for about 3 months now, and the thing about him is that he seldom text. We usually just snapchat each other. But we started texting when he wanted to ask me out on a study date. But that was just texting for a few days so that we could agree on a day to study. His replies were quick, he didn't take long to reply. We did exchange small talk and other fun stuff through text, but he mainly texted me to set the day for our study date. So we met up for the study date. After the date, he didn't text me. Instead, he snapchatted me a pic of him on the train, with the caption: hi. TBH, I was quite annoyed. He didn't text anything about the study date and instead snapchat me saying hi. So I thought oh well guess that's the end. He definitely finds me boring and wants to end this. We stopped texting after the study date. But we continued snap chatting. But he takes like almost a day to view my snaps. From then, I thought he definitely wouldn't be the one and he sure is not interested in me.

Until recently, he texted me saying that he wanted to see my dogs. He kept asking me about seeing the dogs. And this time we texted for a while, but he takes 2-3 days replying my text -.- And since I had a birthday party coming up, I told him he could see them if he came for the party. And he agreed to come! (He doesn't come from my school, so he doesn't know anyone at the party except for me) and I was quite shocked that he'd agree. I wanted to invite him to test if he'd really want to come just to see the dogs (was my three dogs that adorable?) I was determined that the only thing he cared about was my three dogs. Because he keeps wanting to see them.

On my birthday party, he mixed well with my friends and we actually had a lot of fun! He was really charming I have to say, and I was surprised that he was the last one to leave my party and he even stayed to clean the party mess together with me. And before he left, he told me to meet up for dinner

And then hugged me. He left at 1 am.
The next day, he texted me, and asked what my parents thought of him. I didn't want to tell him anything because my mom isn't exactly fond of him. But he insisted I tell him what my parents think of him. So I just told him they thought he was a really nice guy.
The conversation continued and he was worried that my mom didn't like me being friends with him and he was quite sad.
But other than this, he texted my for 3 days straight, with quick replies.
asking me what day we can meet up for dinner and we also talked about other stuff. On two of the nights, he called me and said he was lazy to text me back so he was just gonna talk on the phone. again, he asked me when he could see my dogs. One of the nights he said he wanted to come right now to see them. (I'm really confused, it seems like he only likes my dogs) And he also asked me if my parents allow me to travel alone with friends and asked me to travel with him to Europe after our exams e


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  • What I read leads me to believe he likes you as more than a friend and, while he likes the dogs, he uses them as an excuse to be with you.