Guys, what are some positive things about yourself girls like?

For me it would be what most girls don't know about me.

1. I enjoy cooking
2. I can do whatever housework a woman does plus outdoor work and some handyman skills so if I were to get married I would be able to help out around the house much more.
3. I am great with kids, and know how to change dirty diapers and feed babies properly.
4. I am a great listener and have often been told I give great advice when asked because I don't judge people I just think of the appropriate solution.
5. I give GREAT massages! 😏 I may be thin but I have big hands and broad shoulders and I will massage any part of a girls body and make her feel better. I'm known for head, back, and foot massages.



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  • Like you, I like cooking and I've been told I'm a good listener (i. e. not very talkative but attentive). I'm tall for girls who like that (it's also useful sometimes). I'm rarely in a grumpy mood. I don't follow sports, which is good if a girl watches Netflix and stuff. And lastly, I have a general career plan so I probably won't be leeching off anyone.

    • I don't follow sports either, I don't think that counts as positive just a matter of opinion.

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  • Kinda similar, I like to cook nice dinners, I feel I'm good at listening, I take girls dancing and that's always been a smashing success for me I love dancing, I've worked hard to have a nice body, good hygiene, decent style, I'm pretty well educated and in the most humble way possible I make great money which affords nice experiences and opportunities, I don't know what else sense of humor sometimes? if they like my tacky sense of humor.

    And Having a needy dog makes me look responsible too lol.

    End of prideful self-aggrandizement.

    • Good hygiene, I also have that it's important for yourself and your partner!

  • Loyal, good listener, my one-on-ones are deep and passionate, been complimented on my randomness, my humor though it can be crude most of the time and even when it's offensive I still go for it lol, how they're caught off guard of how goofy I can be, how carefree I can be

  • To be honest you sound like a better wife/girlfriend than a husband/boyfriend.

    If you ever sexual reassignment surgery, hit me up.

    • That's why I stand out from most men I can do men jobs and handle what women do, I can do it all 👍