Does this conversation look good?

This is a text message conversation with my crush. I know it's long, but I figured what the heck. Am I being overly optimistic or is this going somewhere?:

(First time texting her after receiving no.):

Me: The body is disposed of. Do you have the money?
Her: Yes I have $1000000 in a brown envelope with instructions in it. This message will self destruct. Go to the blue bench in the park. The envelope is underneath it. You might want to wear a puffy jacket to hide the envelope.
Me: I'm wearing a puffy Jacket anyway so I can hide my gun.
Her: Did you get the money.
Me: I hid it in a train (I like trains- I didn't write this, it's just a side note)
Her: How are you going to get it back?
Me: Steal the train
Her: (Laughing emoticom x2)
Me: I'm giving it to these Russian dudes in exchange for the launch codes
Her: That's always a good way of solving something.

And then we selected a country to nuke and I nuked it (Sorry Japan that was me) and then she had to go.

by the way if you actually read this whole thing you must not have a life. But then again, I wrote it, so I shouldn't be talking.


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  • LOL it seems promising indeed


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