Ladies if a random guy ask for your number and you rejected him, would you change your mind if you see him on a billboard?

Lets say a guy out of the blue approaches you in public, and says you look beautiful, then he asks for your number but you said no to him cause after all you dont know him and besides he didn't carry a good coversation while he approach... well lets say minutes you learn he has his picture on a billboard advertisement or any pic on a bus stop bench advertisement, would that make you change your mind about him?

Same goes for if a guy walks up to you wanting your number, you reject him, then minutes late he pulls out an 84 carat diamond gold ring.

  • A.) I would still not give him my number cause I like a guy for who he is as a person, fame & money don't buy happines
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  • B.) I would change my mind
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  • I don't think the billboard would change her mind, unless she was a golddigger! :-P