He cried to me on the phone while he was drunk because he forgot to Call me back?

So this happened just some few seconds ago. I'm wisiting some old friends in a town, And the guy I'm having a thing with ( not in a relationship yet ) I called him since it was late, and he was at a party he told me about, still I called him, since it was dark outside an I was all alone walking home in the streets. ( and was kinda scared ) then he was bissey and said I'll call u back in 5 min and I was like okay still hesitating. Then he called me like 10-20 minutes later, where he is crying so hard saying " I'm so sorry, I forgot to call" and he keeps on crying. And I tell him it's okay and he just keeps on saying I forgot and I'm sorry and crying, and I tell him to stop that I'm home and fine. Then he says I need some water. I need to go back inside, and he has this sore voice, and he had a little breathing problems cause he cried so hard. What does this mean?

I think he was pretty drunk thou~ lol ~


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  • That he's sorta pathetic lol. Maybe in a sweet way but that seems a bit too overzealous to me. Imagine trying to break up with that?

    • although yeah, his level of drunkedness could have a factor and maybe he isn't usually that clingy... still weird though. like if something had actually happened to you fair enough, he was blaming himself, but if you got home fine.. wow chill dude, not that big a deal

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  • It means he's drunk and thus is acting like an idiot.

  • That is love


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