Any chance I can get him back?

i was dating a guy for 10 mths and knew deep down he loved me, but the last 4 months i became addicted to pain killers, for last two years been in constant pain and just had operation which he was stilll there for me 4 weeks ago, how ever i was addicted to strong pain killers and made me irrational, tearful and needy. the night after my operation still under influence and general anaisthetic and numerous painkillers i asked him was i still his woman aas didn't feel it, he said ii dont know what to say, i broke down unconsolable for a while, he tried his best to calm me then he said i scared him but not tonight and he felt caught in a trap, then he said he had said too much and begged me to let him go, i thought he meant the house. at the gate he turned round and said i love you my darling and said i could still call but he might be busy, since then i was a looney and the more he didn't reply to txts or pick up annoyed me. i am ashamed to say even turned up at his house twice, now i bumped into him and he stopped to talk to me i said do you not want me around and he gestured he was talking to me, i said it would be nice if he could come round for a drink and a laugh, he said cannot do Friday but one day then repeated one day. what do i do? he has seen the real me before the painkillers, i want him back but how?

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  • Give up and move on