I always read on dating advice pages that one should have a life and hobbies on their own before entering a relationship. Is this total crap or what?

They always say you should have a perfect life on your own and concentrate on yourself and your goals and whatnot so you can end up with someone worthy of you.
Now, I have several University degrees, I speak several languages fluently, I pursue my hobbies, I am well read, I have nice and well educated friends and I spend a lot of time with my very loving family but to this day I haven't had a single guy in my life. It's like I am invisible to guys.
My friends who think of dating as their first priority in life, have all found someone whom they like, even though their lives are nowhere near mine. What gives? Is this the worst dating advice ever?
From my observations, I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how perfect your life is, if you don't act needy no one really cares about you or your perfect life.


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  • It sounds like you're a really impressive lady who just hasn't met a really impressive man yet. Like, would you want to lower yourself to someone who works in a dead end job and is a few pancakes short of a stake? Because there are looooooooots of those kind of guys. You want someone better and there are less of those.

    Just keep doing what you like and enjoy and maybe you're meet a cool guy who likes those things too!


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  • I don't agree with what you are saying. I personally could not be in a long term relationship with a needy person. My girlfriend has her own career and hobbies, and I really value that she is independent. But you have to have balance, you have multiple degrees, fluent in multiple languages, and engage in hobbies as well. It might be that you aren't actually interested in having a relationship or that it appears that way to guys.


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  • Well I have always thought its a good idea to do as many different things when your are single so that you can explore and learn figure out who you are. Because when you enter a relationship it won't be all about you anymore.

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