Is cold approaching the best way to meet single women?

Or is it better through a group or class?

  • cold approach best
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  • Through friends best
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  • Through hobby group or sports club best
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  • Through a class best.
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  • Through Work best
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  • Through voluntary or charity work best
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Most Helpful Girl

  • feel like a lot of the options are similar, I went with cold approach because I prefer online dating.
    No through friends because I don't like friends meddling in my love life.
    class/work is nice but people around you stick their noses into your business and you make the whole office/class awkward if you break up.
    hobby/charity is ok but... who even goes to those anymore?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Cold approach is worst. Most women wanna know a little about you before they jump in. Work, school, clubs, volunteer work, social circles, or just girls that you might have an opportunity to interact with on a somewhat regular basis. Hell, even online dating is probably better.

    • Work is bad though. As a place to meet women?

    • If you work in an office.

    • Yeah, it depends on the work and situation. I met my girlfriend at work. We work in the same building but for different companies. I know several people in my company that are couples.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Cold approaching either gender is okay long as you know what you are doing and can handle rejection well.

  • What is cold approaching?

    • Just walking up to the girl start a conversation and then ask her out.

    • That sounds cool but instead of asking her out you should probably ask her for her number first in order to get to know her better and if you just walk up to her how would you know if she it single or not?

    • I think just asking them to coffee or something quick and easy would be better than asking for a number. I don't think most would be ok handing their number to a total stranger.

What Guys Said 2

  • You can do it if you want too, but it's not recommended.

  • A group / class thing is by far the easiest.