Is it acceptable to date an aspergers person?

Is it worth it?


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  • Haper Mercer, the guy who just shot up the college in Oregon had Aspergers. Adam Lanza, the guy who killed all those kids in Connecticut had Aspergers.. Since it is relatively recent to put effort into diagnosis, it appears as though many other mass killers have also had it but were undiagnosed.

    Each person decides what is acceptable.

    • that's nice... but then i don't justify murder... if you do, fine.

    • No, but I recognize that 100% of random mass murderers are mentally ill, and nearly all of them have taken psychiatric drugs. I also acknowledge that the incidence of aspergers in mass killers, as single events or serially, is higher than in the population as a whole, leading to the hypothesis that those with aspergers are more likely to become a mass killer than a random person of the general population.

      And the one kid I know with it, I do not trust to take my eyes off of him for one second, or he goes about destroying something or hurting someone.

    • cool scene bro... but nice to condone murder... only to protect some dopes who cannot accept the world isn't fair haha.

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  • If that person can handle it, sure

  • I'm offended by this question. Everybody needs love. Who cares what disorder/disease someone has?

    • I ask as i please... your imaginary list of who can or cannot is comical..