Girls, when a guy you hardly know asks for your phone number, do you at least assume he might be interested?

I'm thinking on asking this girl I just started talking to at work yesterday for her number, yeah it's nothing over the top but girls probably get that a guy is interested when he asks that without some reason right?

  • Yes I'd assume there may be in interest from him in me if he asks for my number
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  • No, I don't think much of it even though we don't know each other well
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  • Every time.

    It'd be nice to think he asked because he thought I was funny or cool, or wanted to text me funny jokes or something.

    There's so many guys I've given my number to that I thought were cool, only to have them text me like crazy/send me pics of themselves/ask me out immediately (which... by the way, if you can't ask in person, is never going to work out). It's quite disappointing.

    The guys that rarely text me unless they have something to say, or text me something funny, or text me after we've grown to be close friends are the keepers. Keepers as friends, and occasionally more than that.

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