Is this guy only looking for ONS or could there be more potentials?

So long story short, we met through tinder (classy...), both of us are in college, and he is an exchange student that will depart after 2 months and half.
The day before we met the first time, if that counts a date. We met around 10 at a local bar, chatted and stayed till 12, we were both talkative and it was fun talking to him, not to mention he is really cute, very much my type. But just talking, not too much of bodily contact despite friendly ones.
After his paid the bill we hit a club. We each took a shot and started dancing and this is where things got heated up. So we made out like mad and after 40 mins to an hour we left for my place. We had sex shortly after some casual talk and he stayed aftewards despite knowing that i have sth to do in the morning and he sort of does too.
The next morning we woke up and had more sex then he bounced.
In the afternoon, i shoot him a text about a really nice local bar. And he said we could go next time.
So yeh, I don't really know where is this going. I don't want a serious relationship with this person and i don't think he wants it too considering that he will be gone soon. But I kinda wanna make it a casual thing like a friends with benefits. I just don't want him to vanish in thin air cuz i kinda like him as a person and wanna hang out more.
What do you guys think?


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  • Yeh I think that'll work

    • but like how should i approach this without being seen as too desperate?

    • I definitely wouldn't text him again unless you just text sex he calls over and disappears again. It's up to you if you are ok with that

    • so you mean i should just wait? im not looking for having him as a boyfriend but also not someone just stay for one night then gone

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