How to text with a crush?

im texting with my crush constantly but every time Id be like what to reply

That's because he just answers my question with one word or just a phrase most of the time

He sometimes says hi first but for example when I answe him like hi! How are you? He reply just "good"

Im sometimes inscure if he's bored but I want to have some interesting conversations with him

how to text with a guy like that and any ideas of what to talk?


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  • You need to include more conversations that are just hi how are you usually end up in ending the conversation quickly. Maybe as you ask how are you include more than just that to keep the conversation going such as
    - what your doing
    - something interesting or funny that happened to you during the day
    - something about the last time you both seen each other or an interest that they said or something they said they were going to do when you last talked
    - complement them on there looks or personality


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  • poop emoji. It works every time.

    But seriously if you want a real conversation come up with a good topic first. What are your interests, what are his?

  • Ask him a question that require more than just a few words to respond.


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