Girls why do you all go into the washroom at once?

I was with my girlfriend (we've been dating for a week) (also my very first gf). She wanted me to meet her friends so i did. So we were at a restaurant and everything seemed ok. So when they all ordered they all went to the washroom. O_o. When they came back i was like "did you all have to pee at once?". Then all began to laught.

So what was the reason for this?


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  • it's where girls gossip with each other. Some of them actually do go to the bathroom while the others fix there hair in the mirror and apply some sort of make up to there face.

    I think your girlfriend was just asking her friends what they thought of you... In the bathroom though.

    • ohh. Hmm, now i'am interested. i wonder what they said

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    • Well you know.. You got to bribe her some way

    • oh i will ;) :p :D

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  • Cause they're fucking fucked up... lol jk, I don't know they like to talk shit in the washroom, who cares


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  • If another girl tried to go to the bathroom with me, I'd assume she had to pee too. I've had friends tell me to go with them. Why? No clue. I don't want to chat while you pee. 😒

  • Its more fun than going by yourself and you get to talk to them

    • talk while peeing O_o or just simply chatting lol, i know some of us guys talk while peeing but barely, i never do.

    • Usually not while peeing. Before/after

    • ah ok

  • I dont...


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