How do I get him to give me a chance?

Talking to a guy online for a little while. He knows i have feelings, I know he has feelings. He won't give me a chance because he thinks he's "not a good guy" and dosnt want to hurt me. What do i do?


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  • Okay, so you don't want to believe him? it's possible that he has analysed about himself and he knows for sure that he is not suitable for you so he won't give you a chance, no matter what you say/think. You should appreciate him for being honest with you.

    Okay that's about him what about you? are you convinced that he is a good guy and he is the best for you?

    • I think he's great. he's very similar to me, and i think we would be amazing together.
      An he thinks he's not a good guy for his issues.

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    • Okay, may I know what is usta? you said that word?

    • Used too

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