Help ! a guy a like on fb?

I dnt like the idea of meeting someone online , but recently i added a cute guy on fb and he accepted.
Month later i took initiative and opend a convo but he ignored me !
I dnt ever approach guys this is the first time but i really like him
What should i do now? Other than accept it and moving on
What could i do to gain his interest?


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  • I wouldn't recommend online dating at all. But if he's ignoring you, find someone else.


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  • Maybe it's the fact that you took one month for taking the initiative so that must have put him off, so he must have thought you didn't like him for so long then why are you suddenly approaching him? this could be a reason.

    Anyways during that one month did you both speak to each other, or were you just looking at his profile and following him?

    • Just looking and following.. but why would he ignore me?

      Am thinking about texting again showing that am cool about it and say goodbye.. is it the right thing to do? Or just leave it like this?

    • Well since you said that you were just looking and following so saying goodbye wouldn't make sense because you both never actually had conversations or didn't know each other. Hence just leave it like that, I know it might be strange for you initially but just leave it like that.

  • He may not have seen the chat or may not have ever installed the chat program that they are shoving on us now. Also possible that he just hasn't been on much. I go weeks without getting on at all.

    • The message i sent is marked with " seen "
      Plus he got the chat program it shows am 100% sure

      How should a girl approach a guy anyway?

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