Most romantic way to kiss her on the first date?

Hey, I wanted to get girls opinions on the best way to kiss her to sweep her off her feet... What I want to do is:

Mid-sentence when she is talking just soul gaze and lean in 90 and let her come 10

Any other suggestions for the best way to sweep her off her feet?


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  • When you say goodnight to her, lean in and kiss her on the cheek.

    Keep it classy bud, you want to make a good impression on her. Save that stuff for a second date lol.

    • Great advice! Very old school and passes knowledge to a stupid generation!

    • I asked a similar question a little bit ago, I got a good answer from the older gentleman @OlderAndWiser and he said, "At the end of a date, I always give a girl a hug. Then, I pull my face back but I keep my arms around her waist and I look into her eyes. I move my lips towards her. If she reciprocates and looks like she is ready for a kiss, I give it to her good. If it looks like she is not ready, I make a slight detour and kiss her on the end of the nose."

      My personal advice is just take it slow, let it happen naturally. It will allow you to build a better relationship with this girl in the future, but also if it doesn't work out with her you won't have any regrets cause you played it safe.

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  • Don't kiss her on the first date!

    If you want to sweep her off her feet, be a gentleman!

    Every first date i got kissed on went downhill from there and only lasted a few weeks.

    Hold the car door open for her, coming and going.

    Only take her to dinner or a movie, not both. Talk to her, ask her questions, don't talk about yourself. Make her feel the date is all about HER!

    Charming gentleman always make me want to go out again! I want to know more and the anticipation of "what may come and how he kisses" makes me come back for more.

    Kissing her on the first date says you are too eager to get her pants off and Plant The Flag!

    I have dated a ton of guys and only the gentlemen (all over 30 yo) have not kissed me on the 1st or even 2nd date.

    Sure sex on the first date is GREAT, but those dates are just about sex and after a while, sex gets old and you find you have nothing to talk about.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


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  • Get her to talk about herself, her family, what she does, interests, anything/everything. Just listen intently. Eye contact but not 100% eye contact, eventually start biting your lower lip and glance at her lips. When she is done, feel it out but eventually get closer and closer, put your arm around her/hold her and move in to kiss.

    Make sure to focus on going slow. You're probably going faster than you think you are. After kissing for just a bit she will more likely than not take it from there and you can tell if she wants to make out all night long or if you just leave it at that.

    • also to clarify when i say biting lips, i mean seductively kinda.. not like actually biting/riping skin off your lips.

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