Guys, my boyfriend told me he has no options but he would not mind it but still would choose me? What is he really saying? .. ?

Is he saying I would not mind options because of ego issue... Or what is he implying?


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  • He's saying there aren't any other women to choose from but if there were he'd still pick you

    • I thought it meant u will do since I have no other options...

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    • He is very secretive about his life. Will barely tell me things unless we are meeting... He barely texts me. Says he does not like texting but never calls me. Prfere.. Face to face.. That's fine.. But he wants to know everything about me... When I ask him. what he's up to.. I'm out but wen we meet face to face then he says out with the boys

    • Hmmm, not good. I don't like to text either but I do like being with my girlfriend and have nothing to hide from her when she asks. You have a decision to make if you want to stay or break up