If a girl loves you the way you are, but u are unsure of yourself, would you give her a chance?

Imagine this: a girl who loves you and cares about you so much. She loves you the way you are. She loves your flaws whatever they are. She thinks you are perfect. Also, she is loyal and caring and sweet. For you, you think she is kinda attractive but you are confused about your feelings. Would you give her a chance for a relationship? Or no?


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  • Sure give her a chance, but take it slow since you are unsure of your feelings for her. It's rare to find a person who accepts your flaws and still loves you.

    • I believe it is rare too :)

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  • Short answer is: NO, I will never give her a chance.

    Okay, I have a different answer to your question. I have 2 points to make:

    1. You asked if the guy is unsure. Well unsurity is not the only factor a guy won’t give chance to a woman, several other factors are possible despite knowing the woman loves him the way he is without wanting him to change or expecting anything, okay I am not talking about other factors, I’ll only talk about the surity and unsurity factor

    2. It can also happen that in a situation where a guy can be 100% sure about himself and still he won’t give the woman a chance, that can also happen. Now I’ll just give you my own example

    Now, I have always been single but I would still like to answer your question. I’ll tell you in hypothetical sense. Firstly I know I am never going to meet my SO in my lifetime, I am never going to meet my type of woman, I am never going to have love in my lifetime, I am fine with that.

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      I am prepared for this kind of life. I am sure about that, but for the purpose of discussion let’s say as per your question, a woman does love me the way you had mentioned, still I won’t give her a chance, because I know exactly what kind of a person I am, I know exactly what I want in life, now I have such qualities, so many attractive personality traits that a woman will be proud of me, a woman will surely be lucky to have a man like me in her life. To be honest, you won’t find men like me often, I am telling the truth. This is my confidence so don’t misunderstand me.

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    • Hence my answer is NO. However such a situation will never arise because I am never going to meet my love, my SO or whatever the term people use. I know that for sure. Even if I do, this is what will happen, this will be my answer to that woman ( hypothetical).

      A} Unsurity

      Yes, of course generally speaking if a guy is unsure about him, lacks confidence in him, doesn’t know himself very well or is unsure about what he wants from life, yes such men will not give the woman a chance, no matter what the woman may feel about him, no matter what she may say. This was the “ unsurity factor”.

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      B] Surity

      Now, the opposite can also happen, a guy is absolutely confident about himself, he is absolutely sure about himself and he know exactly what he wants from relationships and from life as well, he knows where he lacks, where his weakness is in attitude and his thinking and so he has analysed himself very well so after having worked out the logical possibility, this guy will know that he is not meant for love, so he will not give that woman a chance. He will politely refuse her and ask her to forget about him.

      Hence I am falling in the B category which is the “ Surity factor”

      Please, whatever I have told you about myself is not my negativity, it’s my through analysis and self realization, don’t assume anything, if you don’t understand something just ask.

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  • If you're ready for a relationship, then go for it. There's nothing better than having somebody by your side, loving you and everything about you wanting you and only you. Its hard to find someone you like that feels that way about you. She can help turn your weaknesses into strengths. When you have someone that shows you how beautiful you really are, you grow to be more confident in yourself. You live a happier and better life. But that's only if you want to. Only you can change YOUR life.


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