HOW do I ask a girl out, I'm shy?

Im age 13, so no movies yet. WHAT DO I DO


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  • Do you know her?

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    • That's a good idea... But I'm a little too shy :(

    • That's ok to be shy, but this is the best time and I mean the best time to gain confidence, is when your in middle school and no one I mean no one will care that you ask out (girl name) but you will gain confidence and I there people near, they won't think your a loser if you get turn down, what they will be thinking is... random person "oh shit, the kid got some guts to ask out a girl".

      I was joking about the note thing I never tried it. I'm pretty sure they would laugh at it, that's just my thought on it. What if she answers yes, how will you be able to react to that, knowing that you were unable to walk up to her. Girls love confidence in guys... as a girl do you think you would want to date a guy who would walk up to you and ask you or put it on a piece of paper? My only advice if you do the paper make sure it's your BEST HAND WRITING, do I recommend it cookbook, but if that the only way to ask her if she likes you then yes do it.

  • "Hey you want to go out sometime?" If through text, send another saying, "Yes, this is me asking you on a date."

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