What does he want from me?

I met this really cute guy at a party last weekend and I don't know what he wants. So, after the party ended I was slightly drunk and 10 minutes later he texted "it was really nice meeting you tonight" and I gave him the heart eyes and passed out. Then we talked more the next day and he wanted to hang out but I had too much homework. And the next day he texted me asking how I was and telling me about his book report. This continue the whole week, and he found out I was in his class and asked to have study dates sometimes. I'm really starting to like him but before I go any further I want to know what he wants/where he stands. Does he just want to hook up and playing it nice, or is he actually interested in being with me? How do I find out without asking directly. And what do you guys think?


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  • I think he is just being nice, nothing more.


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  • Its all about the subjects of your conversations. There should be little to no convo on sex or things related to it. Or hints about coming to his place or your. I mean you guys could go out to drink, and hit the movie theater. If he asks you things about you.. like what's your favorite? Hobbies.. your family.. School. I'd say he wants to get to know you. .. You'll know because everything will be coming out his mouth like. Let's kick it, chill at some destination. Like somebody room or house, a place of residence. He will find some way to bring sex into the convo. Also he won't say little to nothing about himself. Start asking him about why he is single. See what he says. Really to be honest it's common for somebody to ask somebody. What are they looking for. But be careful girl.. Its some new age skilled liars. That know how to play the game. Time will tell if he sticks around after you ain't gave it up. and has no input on having sex. He's a keeper and want to be with you... I'm available to chat if further is needed. Take care