Was I really rude to my boyfirend?

Me and my boyfriend have dated for 3.5 years, Im not sure exactly why he is mad at me for, This was our conversation.

me: Will you make it tonight?
him: Maybe but il sure try to.
me: :(, look if you can't just tell me now.
him: Look i said il fucking try.

my reason for saying That to him was cause he always promises to spend some time together but always ends up canceling or i get stood up on some dates we planed together... but he isn't talking to me nor is messaging me... he always says he is busy at i work, its always the same exuse every single time... but i can understand his situation but at times i feel like im hanging alone.


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  • What he is doing to you is wrong and you were not wrong to ask him to be honest. I don't why he got angry, maybe he thought you were demanding things


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  • Maybe he feels you are to needy and you demand to much of him... so when u said "look if you can't just tell me now." he got pissed... but really hard to know the real reason because u have been together forl ong time.. i dont know what happened

  • I don't think you were rude. You asked him a question, and he didn't give you a straight answer. If he were really feeling it for you, it wouldn't matter what he had going on; he would be there.


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