I'm new to dating and extremely inexperienced. Does she want to bang?

I don't want to get my hopes up and have them crushed. This girl messaged me online a couple of days ago and we've been flirting heavily. Today she invited me to go over her house next weekend for wine and twerking. She also just asked for my snapchat. She wants to bang right?

We had super wild sex, it was amazing!


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  • I think that you should approach this with eyes wide open.

    Good girls don't give it up after a couple days of online flirting. This one sounds desperate, if she's even female at all.

    Try to meet her in public place before you jump into bed with her. Never stick your dick into crazy.

    • Don't care I'm desperate and horny, she's also attractive, I'm not looking for a relationship. She's real too, we became fb friends and she wouldn't have asked for my snapchat if she wasn't.

    • Again, I would emphasize that sticking your dick into crazy is a bad idea, regardless of how fun it may be.

      Desperate girls have a habit of seeking out codependency with a desperate guy, and its extremely difficult to predict how they might act in any given situation.

      But, as always, it is ultimately your choice. If it were me though, I'd try to feel her out on a date before I'd think about hitting it.

    • she lives 1 and half hours away with a car and I have a very busy schedule and no car. I don't have time to go on multiple dates with her. I really don't care if she's crazy I just want to bang. So do you think she wants the same?