Did I do the right thing or no?

Ok so I'm, well was talking to this guy that I liked but I felt like he was playing games. The only time we had a decent conversation was late at night around 12 or 1. If I texted him during the day I wouldn't get a text back until a hour or two later. So I told him to just delete my number nd just don't talk to me but I still like and miss him a lot... do you think I did the right thing.


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  • Yes! You don't need any man who is only interested in you when it's convenient for him. That means dude is selfish and or only wants a buddy


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  • Well, what is the reason he wasn't available to talk during the day? Work? School? Or just "busy" with no further explanation?


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  • There is a girl who texts me sometimes through the day but I never reply until after 9pm because im busy at work and when I get home I need to eat and clean up.

    some people are busy and need time to do other things.

    1 or 2 hours is nothing

    As long as he is consistant then I don't see what the problem is. No everyone is on their phone 24/7, some people have work to do.

    • Which I understand because I work also. But he's not working or going to school at the moment...

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