Meeting the parents... for the first time?

Could be under relationships too... but anyway, I have been dating this guy for four months so far, but have know him for four years via high school. We started dating about a week after graduation. After a few dates a lot has taken place, and we have gotten closer then before. He had already met my parents. But I am going to be meeting his in a few weeks, only because we talked about it, and he told me to give him a date that I would like to, but I wasn't ready quite yet. Until now... he is going off to the military the first week of November...
But besides that, they have invited me to dinner, and I am slightly nervous. I don't know what this night will have in store.. I have never been through this before. The last guy I was dating never met my parents, and I have never met his. But this one... but what are some tips when meeting the parents for the first time?

In advance. I would just like to thank all who has gave and is going to give me helpful advice on this.


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  • I haven't gone through this before, but I'd say just be yourself. Don't overthink because that's normally when things go wrong lol. Just try to be natural. Be respectful and feed off of their energy.