Why does the guy I'm dating not like to cuddle?

Hello, I have been dating this guy for a year now and he is a great guy. The only complaint I have is that he is not affectionate/attentive. He rarely hugs me, & NEVER has cuddled me. When I asked him about it he just said that "he is not a cuddler"...Should I look elsewhere if it is something I truly need in a relationship? Or, should I try & get em to hold me every now and then?..



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  • Rubi has a good point and I would sure try that before I blew my guy off. Just pull back and get him wondering. However, I think a lot of guys in our age group have similar problems being raised more in the "a mans a man" type of household. Tell him how important it is to you and ask you guy to open his mind and learn. If he's not willing then, only because I would shrivel up without hugs and being held, I think I would have to go elsewhere. After a year I'm sure he cares for you very much and if he's great like you say, he will understand your needs and meet you half way. Best of luck. Cheers!

  • well I has a similar problem what I did is ignore him and well he then wonder why I was ignoring him and not being as sweet as before and he totally change know my boyfriend HUGS ME AND all that stuff I think tis guy feels so sure about what you fell for him that he feels he doesn't have to make an effort to keep you ok