New relationship but very different. My man treats me well, I do trust him but?

My man works 3rd shift well he came over recently at 130am stayed til 5 am and than went home. No there wasn't any sex but almost. We also watched American horror story with one another.
1. When we kiss he always tells me he loves me and I feel it everytime he says it, so I know it's true.
2. Well, gave me his favorite bracelet, which seemed juvenile because of our age but sweet at the same time.
3. I told him I ordered him something for his bday on the 24th. He had jokingly not believed me but than he said thank you and started passionately kissing me, was one of my favorite moments with him.
4. He told me I could finally go to his apartment after our movie date tomorrow, which will be the 1st time. This is where I do not trust him, where I feel insecure with us, like he is hiding something.
5. For the last 2 weekends, never get to spend a day with him on his day off til hopefully today Friday to the movies. We text so much on his workdays while he is at work but never as much on his days off, to me this is a feeling of getting insecurity and like he is hiding something. So if we do not go out tonight or see his apt at least, should I consider this as he is more than likely hiding? And what should I do with us, because I do want this to work out. He makes me happy but I want be 100 percent sure I am the only one!


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  • That does seem strange. Ask him about it


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