Girls, At what height do girls consider a guy too tall to date?

I'm a really tall guy (6'7"). I've had a few gfs in my life, but I've never been all that successful with girls, partly because I'm not the most outgoing guy. I'm starting to wonder, though, if my height is also an impediment to connecting with girls.

My last crush at school was a small girl. When I was flirting with her, things seemed to go cold at one point without any clear reason. When I was talking to one of my female friends about it, she said I was probably going to have a hard time with most girls because of my height, i. e. most girls think it's weird to date a guy my size. She suggested that I date really tall girls, but there just aren't many of them around. Plus, the really tall girls all seem to date guys of normal height, so they don't seem eager to date really tall guys, either.

Do girls see a height difference of a foot or more as awkward?


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  • I'm 5'10" and have yet to encounter a guy I would consider 'too tall'.
    I've been with and am dating a guy of 'normal' height because... isn't normal like the average? You'll get a lot more guys within that height range than a guy who's 6'+, so right away the proportion of girls dating such guys will be higher, whether the girls are tall or not.

    I wouldn't be opposed to dating someone who's your height, though. Would take some adjustment as I'm generally used to being one of the taller ones but not awkward.

    • How tall was the tallest guy you've dated?

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    • I've dated a girl that short. I never understood why anyone would have an issue with it. It's almost like people felt some need to push me to date tall girls because it seemed more 'appropriate' or something.

    • yeah I mean, society will always have their ideals and push it on others to conform to them. I know all too well how that feels, being a bit taller than my boyfriend atm. Try not to feel the need to adhere to any of these norms because in the end, you're in the relationship, not them.

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  • Wow you're super tall!!

    And I don't have a preference as long as the guy is taller then me!

    (Everyone is taller than me 😝)

  • No, height doesn't really matter as long as I'm interested.

  • My partner's over a foot taller than me, it really isn't a problem. I read somewhere once that height doesn't matter because all belly buttons are at the same height when you're lying down.

    The only downside to my tall boyfriend is I sometimes get elbowed in the face when he takes his shirt off!

    • You're right, height difference isn't an issue in sex and can even be an advantage. My last girlfriend was 5'4", and we didn't have any problems.


    • LOL I'm not sure that's true, but thanks for the encouragement.