How long till I trust him again? Or just your over all opinion?

Me and my boyfriend have dated for a whole year and a half but a few weeks ago we took a one week break because he broke my trust and promise by talking to his ex. Anyway we are back together. And I keep thinking he's cheating or there's someone else again... And i tell him this and he says there isn't anyone else he want to be with but with me... but I still can't really fully trust him... How long till I'll fully trust him again... And should I really trust him?

Okay before I sound controlling he made a promise she wouldn't come back in his life cause his ex was horrible to him and treated him like garbage...


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  • You will never trust him again. Though that is not his entire fault. You have to learn to let it go a little. You can't tell your boyfriend who he can speak to. Learn that having conversations with girls does not mean he will automatically sleep with her. If you put too much pressure on guys you go out with, they won't stick around, they'll think you are crazy and get rid of you. You can't control everything. You need to be at peace with it.


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  • I think you can evaluate whether to trust him or not depending on the circumstances: did he iniciate contact with his ex or was it her? Did they see each other? Were they planning to see each other?
    I know lying is lying and everybody hates to be lied to because then trust is broken and it's never easy to get it back, but if she was the one to contact him and he just answered politely it's not the same than if he was reaching out to her.

    Also this is all very recent. You can wait a little longer so you can see how he behaves towards you and the relationship in general. How much time? That is up to you and your feelings.


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  • Whoa, hold on. You got pissed at him because he had a conversation with another girl? You should probably lighten up about that, if he is cheating on you it is because you are to controlling. Besides if the trust is already gone in the relationship nothing else really counts for much does it?


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