Why is he not bothering with me anymore?

Okay so I been seeing this man 9months we have been sleeping together so we are freinds with benifits and he asked me to go cinema with him two weeks ago I didn't go because I was busy and he went bit funny with me anyway he stayed with me other night and he keeps asking if I love him and say to him no but he asks me if I care if he does this and that and I said no I don't he said you would care I said I wouldn't anyway he stayed with me all night and left 1 o clock afternoon and cuddle kiss me when he left then I text him saying I'm going on date with a man and he said okay it's fine and he hasn't spoke since and he normally does and I text him saying I was lying does he still want to see me but he still seems to be being funny? Is this because the date


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  • Sounds to me like maybe he was catching feelings and trying to see if you had any feelings for him, but after turning down his shy efforts and then telling him you're going on a date with another man, he's decided not to pursue it anymore. Someone ALWAYS catches feelings.

  • Maybe he's just lost interest or has realised that you seek something different in the situation whereas he just wants it to remain causal.

    • I have no problems with it being casual he is the one saying for me to not sleep with anyone else and so on?

    • Maybe the other way round then and he's keeping his distance because he doesn't want to get involved with your new dates and actually has feelings for you but doesn't know how to tell you.