How can I treat her better?

im doing everything in my power to make sure she is ok but to me i feel like im falling behind a little how can i make it better and what can i do better?

she not the touching type she is like 2 years younger then me her whole family likes me but I'm the touching type she my first girlfriend. I feel like I'm doin something wrong.


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  • ... need more information than that to be able to give you advice.


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  • How does she act with you? why would you think that everything is not ok?

    • cause I keep worrying ill screw up its like I'm in love with her... I cry when she not around or feel like crying last night I couldn't think at work I kept screwing up cause I couldn't stop thinking about her its driving me crazy...:'(

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    • your right I just now realized that thanks man for all your help.

    • Any time my friend. Just a matter of knowing that men and women think differently, and knowing how they respond. Good luck and I hope all gets resolved!