Girls, if a guy asks for your number out of the blue that you hardly talk too, would you assume there's an interest from him? Read description?

Today a girl from class I talked to a couple times after class came up to me in the hallway. We talked just about how shitty the teacher was and when she started to depart I said 'hey, just curious, could I get your phone number?" She looked awkwardly at me and said 'why?' And I just kinda shrugged and said something along the lines of 'just cause' (what am I supposed to do, tell her I wanted to take her out straight away with a whole 15 minutes of conversations under our belts) she said no in an apologetic voice, and I just said "hey your fine, believe me I've heard much worse" she kinda laughed and walked on. Anyway my friend thinks I blew it cause she didn't realize I was interested, I think she just didn't return it, girls if a guy said to you basically what I said in the same scenario, wouldn't you be able to tell the guy had an interest in you?

  • Yes I could tell the guy was interested if he said that
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  • I would assume he wants my number and to get to know me because he's hoping for a romantic relationship. I would randomly give my number to a guy if I liked him and wanted a romantic relationship.