His twin said he liked me?

prenote~ i always have to say this XD i'm not 25-29 ...
i like a guy, everyone says he likes me. his twin told me he liked me.
he is a very shy guy... but whenever i sit with him in classes he always laughs at my jokes and i love sitting with him.
last few days i've had extreme butterflies whenever i thought about him...
i'm not that attractive but everything makes sense, i mean, in one of our classes he basically told me he liked me in a guess the crush kina game (heh) but when he asked me if i liked him i said no because i was not 100% sure, then he replied 'phew'
i took this to mean he did not like me but then yesterday we were in the library and i said to one of my friends 'i know someone who likes you !' and he looked at me and said he knew someone who liked me and told me to ask my twins brother (lets name him jake) and then added it was not jake. my crush (lets just go with bob heh) was stood behind him and the look on bob's face was... interesting (it looked like he was gonna explode.)
he whispered to the friend i was talking to then walked out of the library, i said to my friend 'wanna know who i like?' he nodded and i said 'him' he ran out and told him but as everyone had been teasing him he thought it was just that again.
so then i told him today i liked him and he has been avoiding me (i'm sure he has) and the only thing he said was 'i'm sorry about my brother doing this' and then i remembered his brother say 'if it sounds like i planned it he will say no' (to me asking him out) and now i need some help with ~

A:what should i do at all
B:should i ask him out and if yes, how?


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  • Then ask him out. You know he will say yes

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