I have feelings for a Girl 15 years Older than me, what do I do?

she's 34, i'm 19 she has kids tho but I don't know we can try but should i try to game her? even my parents love her


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  • Does she show any interest in you or is she playing you? Because maybe she wants just fun as well and not something serious with you man.

    • she once joked and acted like a childsh way an said omg ur so cute etc then we shared a few good momens together but the thing is she's married

    • Then I would get out of there, find a girl that is plus minus your age because there more similarities can happen. And the fact that she's married is intense because you don't want to get yourself involved in such a sticky situation. She sees you mostprobably as a child, I'd move on.

  • Yeah why not?

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