I am 16. I like this girl that is 17, and she likes me back, but she's been acting weird. Help?

As said, I am 16. Last week, I started liking this girl who is 17, though she doesn't think of me as younger than her. When I told her that I like her, she said she does too, and has for awhile now. So last week, she kept saying how much she likes me and she was so happy as to how much we have in common. Now, she just got out of a relationship a month ago and she was with him for 2 years. We went on our first date this past Sunday. Took her out for lunch, then to the pumpkin farm. We kissed and held hands and it was great! Well, on Monday she started acting weird. She said she was afraid we are going too fast and that she wants to slow down, in which I agreed we can do that. (She told me that her ex of two years said he still loves her on Sunday during our date, so not sure if that changes anything) and ever since Monday she's been acting weird. Now she said she doesn't want to hold hands, yet she keeps saying she likes me and she want to see where this goes. I feel as though we are taking more steps back then forward. We went from being real close to her pulling away. Any advice would help


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  • she doesn' feel anything


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