If you were dating someone and they told you they like to volunteer at a childrens hospital in there spare time what would you say and think of them?

  • I would think they are sweet and kind and i would love that.
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  • They have too much time on there hands.
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  • Annoying do gooder.
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  • I don't care.
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  • I would think that's so lame, like what kind of a loser does that shit instead of getting turn up on the weekend with the alcoholz and the party shananigans, he should be concerned about how nice his clothes look not if some kid is getting his school vaccinations...
    Soooo we see how ridiculous your questions sounds now? lol
    I think it would be sweet. I would definitely consider it a huge plus and would put a plus mark for his character, you know? I'd even be motivated to go with him

  • I work at a hospital so I mean... I get it. I would be sad, however, that they would be teaching the children the improper use of there/their/they're.


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