I confessed to my guy friend that I like him.. he says he likes me back but isn't looking for a relationship?

I've known him for 3 months & we became close friends right away. When we first met he told me he just got out of a 5-yr relationship & wasn't looking to date anyone. However he kept acting like a boyfriend (texting everyday, buying me things, etc) and i even joked to my friends he's my "pseudo-boyfriend". My feelings for him kept growing & last night I confessed (over gchat haha) that I had feelings for him. He said really liked me too, but he wasn't quite over his breakup and that he was struggling with (what sounds like) depression. He said he couldn't be a good boyfriend now and that he was sorry if he gave the impression he wanted a relationship bc he really didn't. I was hurt/embarrassed so I told him to leave me alone and stop acting like a boyfriend if he didn't want to be one. He texted me a couple times today to talk more about it but I haven't responded.. I'm so depressed/confused now. I felt bad about snapping at him yesterday & I don't wanna lose him as a friend, but neither do I feel like talking to him anymore. Not sure what to do?


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  • This "I'm not ready or wanting a relationship now" piss poor lame excuse really means "all I want is sex with no commitment"


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