Some things change in a flash... LITTERALLY.

My bf...Everything no joke has been great, until Wednesday... We were supposed to go to the movies Wednesday,but he wasn't feeling well so we Canceled but he didn't text me that night, then he just texted me a couple times Thursday saying that Saturday we could hang, but he will let me know for sure "later" but he didn't and that was the last thing he said...i haven't gotten a call or text from him since...and its almost Monday :(

i texted and called him but he never returned the calls and never replied to my texts... I called him once on a private number and he answered..about 5 hours later I called, where my number is visible and he didn't answer... I swear...its not like him and we have only been dating about one month and 2 weeks, but the way he doesn't seem its something he would do. I want to wait and see things go, but I also don't wanna waste time waiting for a guy who doesn't wanna be with me anymore..if that's the case... but I don't know what's going on ...and Christmas was good, he had a surprise for me and the was about 1000 dollars...dinner at an expensive restaurant in the city then cirque du soliel...and pretty much a couple rows away from the stage and tickets for the seats are absolutely not cheap. but yea..that's why I'm upset...i Know it prob isn't anything, but what if it is... because I have been hurt so much in the past, and when a guy did this it was because he didn't wanna talk to me, he was mad, or something else...and I don't want that with this guy.. I hope you can help me.


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  • i don't know much about this guy but either he's being a complete and utter jerk, or there's a genuine problem like he can't find his phone or something, but either way you are unhappy and it needs to be sorted. (by the way if you ever want to talk just ask)


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  • yeahh guys can be total air heads at times. my boyfriend likes to game, so whenever I am texting him and making arrangements to do something, he literally had no idea that's what I am doing, he would reply "yupp" "lol" "yeahh" for all he knew I could have been telling him I'm hacking into his bank account and going shopping lol. His phone also could be acting funny. If he is spending that much on a christmas gift for you Id say you mean something to him, try giving him a few days, don't be really pushy about him not getting back to you asap. I'm pretty sure he doesn't wanna date someone that acts like his mom lol:p I think you may just be a little paranoid because of your past experiences, don't dub the guy a jerk straight away.

    • Thanks gurl :)

    • No problem:) I think us girls just over think these situations. where as the guys just let it pass and focus on thinking about supper :P