Boyfriend seems like he wants to hide our relationship?

I've been dating this guy for about 2 weeks. And yeah, I already have a problem.

When we're in public, he doesn't really kiss me as much when we're alone.

Id usually ask "Can I get a kiss?" And he just smiles and says "no". I can't tell if he's playing around or just trying to hide something?

When he's with his friends, he doesn't really talk to me much, I'm just there. But this one time he sorta gave me a hug from behind in front of his friends? And he's hugged me (often) in front of some of his friends (who are girls)? Does that count?

Now, when I actually noticed this was a problem, I was in lunch, waiting for him, he came up to me and out of no where asked:

"Did anyone ask you any questions? About us?"

This is was literally the weirdest question he's asked me, so maybe someone told him something the class before?

i said "no why?"

and he said "if someone did ask you, don't answer them, it could be my ex."

apparently his ex "hates his guts". So would she do something to me?

He's actually really honest (he's even told on himself), and he's pretty loyal. We're both in highschool but he's a year older than me..

So is he trying to hide our relationship or protect me from his ex? What do your think?

UPDATE: forgot to mention, I don't think he's ever introduced me to his friends. But the thing is he's REALLY honest, he will tell me things I don't want to hear, but are completely true. He's a really sweet guy, I don't know what to do.

Should I just wait and see or move on?


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  • He sounds ashamed tbh maybe it's cause he's older and his boys would rip him for dating a younger girl. Talk to him


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  • I think he still wants his ex. Why else would he be worried about it?


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  • Sounds like his 'ex' isn't actually his ex... yet

  • I'm sorry?


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