I have the worst luck with girls and I'm socially awkward. Any advice?

I am awful with women. I am relatively popular at my high school and I do know a lot of girls, but I am bad with the attractive ones. I'm the guy that's normally fearless, but I become a wimp around beautiful women. I will rarely talk to them or even aknowledge them, and when I do talk to them I am anything but smooth. It doesn't help that I usually fall flat on my face before I can even make a move because she will either friendzone me or I will find out that she has a boyfriend. Due to my many failures I usually don't even bother talking to them anymore. I'm a buff guy with a serious looking face so people are usually intimidated or put off by me. My normal tone of voice also sounds pissed off so people that don't know me think that I'm some pissy guy that is never in a good mood. Plus i make friends VERY slowly. These things make my social handicap even worse so I'm at a loss of what to do.


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  • Listen to the art of charm podcast. It will teach you how to talk to women


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