How to get over wanting a relationship?

I've been single my whole life, and never had a girl interested in me before. That probably won't change, how do I get over the feeling of wanting a romantic relationship?

more opinions please, I really need advice for this


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  • I used to be like you, but I've changed. All I want now are flings. After having the 3rd girl I had strong feelings for abandon me like the last two I just stopped caring about girls and concentrated on myself. Then I concentrated on making as many friends as possible, including girls, lots and lots of girls. I never flirted with them and never allowed myself to see them as a potential partner, if I thought I started getting feelings for one of my female friends I would just keep my distance and concentrate on other things until it went away. It's funny how much control you can actually have over your feelings. It got to the point where I had/have a lot of female friends who I hang out with on a regular basis and don't have any romantic feelings for them. So then you can talk about sexual stuff with them without making things awkward and you realise that chicks are just as horny as dudes lol. Which makes you view women much differently. Women want to screw as much as guys, they just hide it better because it's considered tabboo and a girl is considered a slut. Once you understand that then it's fairly easy to heavily flirt with girls and hook up with them because you're not nervous about it because you know they want it as much you do. Hope that makes sense. by the way this sort of just happened to me, it's not like I tried to change my mindset. I think the combination of having my heart broken and basically being forced to making a lot of new friends in that same time period had a lot to do with it.

    • thanks for mho!

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  • Yeah I am in the same boat as you. I just try to focus on myself like education, work, I recently started working out. I try not to see guys as possible sexual partners.

  • Adopt a puppy. They'll give you u conditional love. And it's a great way to meet girls!


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  • ya there are times i feel jealous, envious of women because they don't have to lift a finger in order to meet a guy