I'm a hopeless romantic. Is waiting for love realistic in the least?

I've never dated before. I wasn't allowed to, growing up. But I could have in the last couple years and haven't. I'm not interested in getting involved in any sort of relationship with a guy beyond friendship unless I fall in love. (no moral issue, just not interested). Does this ever happen or am I being ridiculous?


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  • You know... if you wanted something badly enough you'll go get it instead of letting "fate" play its games.

    You want love. Okay but how do you "get" love?

    Do you just sit there and wait for "the one" who might not even be "the one" but only "the one who came around" ?
    Do you just go out there and search for a partner , trying on different fits until it's "the one"?

    All these different approaches , all equally viable. It's just a matter of "preference" .


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  • Don't wait for love to come to you. Go out and find it. There's tons of hopeless romantic guys. But you'll only ever find them if you're willing to take risks.

  • But you need to get in a relationship before falling in love.

    I'm a romantic too, but I don't believe in love... if that makes sense xD


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