Boyfriends mom liking me?

My boyfriend & I (both 16) have been dating a bit over 3 weeks, almost 4 weeks.
My boyfriends mom doesn't allow him to date, when she found out we were dating she freaked out and then he told her that he broke up with me & that we are really close friends...
A couple days ago we were on FaceTime & then his mom was all up on him and then she took his phone and started talking to me saying, "Oh you're so pretty, nice to meet you im his mom"
I was really kind and respectful towards her.
Throughout the night, she would pop up to check on him.
Yesterday, we were texting & he told me that he can't stand his mom because he can barley see me; only in group hangouts...
He told me his mom said I'm a wonderful girl and that she likes me but she doesn't know me and in a couple weeks my boyfriend is taking me to this fall festival with his mom and he told me that if she likes me, that she will consider me & him to date...
I really don't know what to expect because I'm a really shy person...
I really do like him, he was my crush since freshman year...
I honestly don't know what to do if his mom is so strict towards him...

Forgot to add that his mom pretty much tracks everything he does, she sees every text message we send to each other... As well all his data and being able to text and call goes all off at 11pm
It's hard to communicate


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  • Her mom really likes you nd Good luck for permission of dating.. Just be as kind to her as you were :)


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