Guys, Pretty girl but overweight?

Hey guys. So imagine you met this girl online and she's very pretty. You talk to her and you like her personality and stuff. What would you do if she was overweight but was actively doing something about it. As in she goes to the gym and eats healthy etc. Would you be put off or what would you do? How would you feel?


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  • as referring to? beauty is within the eye of the beholder, and someone who lives an active and healthy life is in my opinion way more attractive then someone detoxing her body, only to continue smoking and heavy drinking like my recent ex girlfriend, plus, she is a fucking bitch. so your question is irrelevant in my opinion. i got into an argument with a girl i always liked, i had her on fb and she was making fun of fat people in the gym, so i told her that she should go to mcdonalds and make fun of the people that sit there.

    • It's not irrelevant. I specifically said she's actively trying to do something about her weight.

    • well she does it for her, and not for anyone else, so that does make it irrelevant. be happy with who you are and if you feel you can do better , then do something about it but in the end you do it only for yourself.

    • Lol I just don't think you understood the question

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  • There's no telling. How overweight is she? Is it a surprise? I don't like that kind of surprise. I don't mess around with long online conversations. It's a waste of time. I just go meet people and see if there's any chemistry.

  • ... pictures.

    • Lol what do you mean

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    • ... that can make a big difference to some depending on where those 15 pounds went.

    • Lol yeah but she's actively trying to lose the weight

  • I'd probably join her on her workout sessions

    • Nice that's sweet

    • I honestly like sports too so
      Also! Doing something with someone is always better for motivation, you push eachother

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