Broken legs or eyes gored out?

you are in the middle of the jungle and survived a plane crash. Which injury would you have and why?

There was no help available for 2 week as it was remote.

  • both eyes gored out, so permantly blind
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  • Two broken legs
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  • Rather die
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  • I'd rather die I can't deal with pain


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  • 2 weeks?
    2 broken legs at least can be crutched and assuming there's like 1 or 2 other survivors not including myself we probably can survive for 2 weeks on the supplies leftover in the wreckage.
    Eyes gored out tho , that's a death sentence and I'll rather die.


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  • Hmm... never seeing for the rest of my life ever while being stuck in the jungle, or spending six months in the jungle with no legs to use. With luck I could probably salvage a wheelchair from the plane to get me around some, maybe form rudimentary crutches if I couldn't find a wheelchair. Then, I could figure out a way to get food and water, all thanks to having my wonderful eyes to see what I can work with.

  • Planes have safety protectors, so I would have jumped out the moment I felt something going "wrong".

  • Broken legs

    If it'd be the eyes I'd imagine it going like this

    "Phew I can't see, but at least I can walk"
    *walks into quicksand*