Wow be real honest?

work at a retail store and i'm 21. Two hot girls come often. A blonde and a brunette. They told me off the bat that they were 18. I added them on instagram and they looked younger. These girls will flirt with me and one time i gave them a ride to there house in my 1967 mustang. They said they loved my car. One night i gave them a ride home and the brunette said "hey we're going where your going". I just laughed and instead took them to there house. I soon asked out the blonde on dates and she will make up excuses as in "i have to go to a college tour" or "it's my birthday i have plans". The blonde will send me in love emoji and a kissing emoji so i know she's into me in a way.

Well i did major research on there instagram. It turns out they are 17 and not 18. Do you think that was the reason the blonde didn't want to go out with me? I feel like i just might of not been attractive enough for her?


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  • This sounds like the plot of a porno.


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  • Dude, just forget about it, alright? Those girls don't what they want themselves.