This is the aftermath of my boyfriend not talking to me for the entire week.😢 read other question first to understand. Please read and help?

Hi everyone. this is what happened after my boyfriend compared me to his lesbian friend and told me to leave his house etc. If u read my other question you will understand. So the week went by I never heard from him he texted me last night saying let's meet up and have a chat about what happend. I agreed and went down to his. As I walked in and sat down he never looked at me, he went on saying his friend rob tried to kill himself the Sunday. my boyfriend found out the Monday. I said ' I'm so so sorry I hope he's okay etc' turns out he is OK thank god. I said to my boyfriend why didn't you text me and even tell me I could have been there for u' he said ' awwh yeah look all you care about is your poxy self.. you don't care about my friend in hospital all u are thinking is poor me why didn't my boyfriend text me your so selfish' I didn't mean it like that. he was on WhatsApp all week talking to others. That's what made me sad because I would have been there for him. So he went on ranting and saying ' I don't even give a fu*k about what happens last week with us.. I don't care I don't wanna talk about it I'm sick of your baby sh*t will u ever grow up, ' he never said sorry once and called me a narriccst? I don't even no what that means. I stood up and said we'll I tried to talk and he said ' haha ye whatever ' so I left. He texted me 15mins later saying ' don't tell anyone about rob I trust u" I said I won't. He was then texting with me but saying ' why would I text u when all u do is wreck my head? Seriously like why would i' He then went on saying ' iv more important things to be thinking about right now I'm going to work bye' and he hasn't texted me since. When I was in his and he started on me I said ' why did u tell me to come down?' He said ' because I missed you' how can someone miss u and then treat u like that? After a week of not speaking to me. Thank u for reading everyone and any help will be appreciated. I feel like I'm slowly giving up iv been hurt so many times now. Xxx


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  • 1.- First... How am I going to read your other question when your profile it's private?
    2.- narcissist in a few words means selfish... when you only care about you and how you feel.
    3.- you're right how can someone missed you if they haven't text or look for you in a week and then when he meets you still treat you like sh😬t that's not right, communication is the key in a relationship and maybe he had his own problems that he didn't told you about but that doesn't mean he has to take it out on you, if I was you I would really reconsider having that king of toxic relationship since all its gonna do is mess up with your emotions.