So I ran into ex last night and now rather confused about things?

its somewhat of a long story that has been going on for a few years now. i hadn't actually seen her in person since January and around may she went out west for a job at a resort. i guess that job is over as she's back home now , cause i saw her last night at a pub we used to go to. at first she didn't say much but mentioned to me she had been out west and sat at this table with friends and made it appear she wanted my attention but i find trying to talk to her when she's with this group in public is rather challenging and tends to make a scene. but she was throwing out a lot of signs of interest , sort of looking at me , clearly jealous when i talked to another girl nearby them , but also appeared to have a lot to drink and wearing somewhat revealing clothes compared to other times i have seen her.

after we left bar i had a more in depth conversation with her at a nearby fastfood place as we were all getting food. she seemed to be in a better mood than before and talked a bit about her time out west. and seemed to be enjoying the attention and when she left made sure to say bye to me by name. but due to the weird nature of our original relationship and friendship its really rather tough to figure out any of her intentions.
did she decide she missed me when she was far away for all that time? did she miss my attention or annoyed i had been going after other girls. i'm confused by her sudden disappearance than return


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  • It seems she's moved on and thinks you have too. She wanted to catch up with you and put the past behind her. It doesn't sound like she has any intentions.

    • it doesn't seem like she has moved on much , she's at the same bar she always went to and with the same core group of friends. I get the feeling she is the type of person who develops very strong relationships with the key people in her life like close friends or family members. if I was someone she felt strongly about and viewed as important I get the feeling she'd still care about me, she seemed like she really wanted to get my attention and jealous when I talked to another girl. but she is hard to understand and I have never really been able to have a deep conversation with her about this

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