Is it normal to get really annoyed when a guy tries to take care of you?

I'll explain it a bit better.
I can't help this anger inside of me when a guy insists I need taking caring of. I don't mind a guy who cares and occasionally wants to do something to show that but I've come across guys who've tried to push me into letting them do everything for me. No I hate that. I don't want a guy to stick up for me all the time, buy me all this stuff, act like I can't take care of myself... Why won't some of them get that? I've tried politely explaining to them that it makes me uncomfortable and that I'm not the type of girl that likes to be looked after but they try to force it on me! Why do guys do this? Can't they go find another girl who'd like that? (I have nothing at all against girls who like that it's just that I don't)


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  • its not uncommon. it just means that you dont feel the need to be taken care of. especially if theya re pushy about it.

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