Girlfriend is completely ignoring me and says she wants space but it's been almost a week. What do I do?

It's been a year as of tomorrow, she is a big sweet heart until she's mad then she turns into a completely different person almost as if the love is gone. The argument that we had was because I don't like her friend and it's always an argument about it but she claims that I've put her through so much pain and every argument about everything has added up. I've been trying every day and everytime I text her I get dogged and since yesterday I've texted and called her a lot and have been completely ignored. Any ideas on why she's like this?


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  • maybe she needs more time. maybe she's reevaluating the relationship. which can take a long time. its important to her so she's not going to come to a decission quickly.

    • That makes a lot of sense, she told me that she doesn't want to be done and we'd be together on our anniversary but I just feel like you should never have to go almost a week not talking to the one you love

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  • Run to her house, ring the door bell, when she opens up, pant heavily, act like you're catching your breath.. Put a hand in your pocket, take out 'space bar key' from your keyboard and give it to her..
    "Here's your space.. can we kiss now?"

    • Sad to say I probably wouldn't even get an answer lol

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