Thoughs on an old flame who suddenly reappears?

i hadn't seen this girl in a while and not even sure what she was up to , although i knew she had gone out west for a summer job. but i guess it recently ended and she has returned to this area. as i saw her at a bar last night and was talking to her. she seemed to want my attention but i didn't really know what to say to her and didn't get a good chance to speak to her till much later in night. i'm left rather confused by her sudden return , from what i know she isn't with the guy she rebounded with after we broke up and not even clear what she is doing here if she even has a job or what she is doing. its a small town so there is not really a lot to do here and not a lot of singles to date. but she is an attractive young women with a lot going for her so she wouldn't be the worse option to date around here

so i guess my questions are is there any genuine interest here? or is she just back home and seemingly out of any other options or back to original option?


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  • "She wouldn't be the worst option to date"? Wow clearly you dont like this girl too much. Who knows why she's back but if you're not that into her steer clear to spare her feelings. Especially if you have history.

    • no I do have deep feelings for her, I really did want her to be my girlfriend , the problem is things ended very badly and she left to be with another guy then when that didn't work out she just left , now to completely confuses things she is back , I don't know what to make of things did she even like the other guy? was he just a rebound and she still had feelings for me

    • Only way to find out is to ask her. Invite her out for dinner and tell her how you feel.

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  • Take it slow, gradually talk to her finding out everything you need to know so you don't become attached fast and you find out you had the wrong idea. it sounds like she wants you back but you've got to take the time to find out


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  • why did you break up if it was mutual go right ahead and date again
    if it was one of you who decided to break up forget about being in a relationship again nothing good wil come from it


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